What Worms do you Fish with?

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There is a difference between a Night Crawler and a Red Wiggler…

Jerry Schiller will share with us what the best worm to use as bait is and how he takes care of them…

Fish SignYou use the same Red Wiggler Worm that you want in your garden, you just want to fed it differently so it will get fatter.  Some fishermen think that the fatter the worm, the bigger the fish…not true!  An experienced fisherman knows that the Red Wiggler is best, you don’t have to refrigerate them and they smell different than a Night Crawler.  In a lake going deep, a fish doesn’t see that good, they depend on odor.


When Jerry is fishing for Perch or Catfish, he doesn’t even have to use a whole worm.  He’ll cut one in 3 or 4 pieces and does great.


Taking care of the Red Wiggler Worms, he covers them with cardboard, this keeps the moisture in the soil.  Cover the cardboard with burlap, keeps the soil cooler.  Feeding the bait worms laying mash for their nourishment and cardboard to fatten them, Jerry keeps his worms healthy and plump.  You want to feed the worms on top of the mound so if the fed goes sour the worms can get away from the sour fed. With the laying mash you have to fed pretty much every day.


He feeds his worms for your garden or containers differently.


If you are able to gather your own bait worms, the best time to get them is right after a rain…they are coming to the top of the soil to escape the over wet soil.  Just dig up some, put them in a bucket and go fishing!  If you don’t use all your worms and want to keep them for a while, just get some laying mash and cardboard and put in a bucket of dirt.  Keep them moist and cool….and they’ll last a while longer.

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