A new Basil Friend Chef Diana Casares

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I am so excited to introduce my friend Chef Diana Casares…

I met Chef Casares at one of my cooking classes at Sur la Table.  She taught a delicious class on cooking the Perfect Steak.

Since then we have become friends and we are always talking about Basil.  I take fresh Basil to give to the Chef’s to use in their cooking classes.  I love all of the delicious recipes they use it in.

Chef Casares is like me, she names her Basil children. When Bebe was sick, we had to nurse her back to good health and as you can see, Bebe is doing wonderful now!

Here’s a little big about Chef Diana Casares and how she Loves Her Basil:

FullSizeRender‘I love my basil because it is such a beautiful, sweet plant.  As a culinary arts graduate I wanted more appreciation for my ingredients.  Since basil was my favorite I decided to grow it.  I took some wrong turns along the way but with guidance from the lovely Ramona the plant is doing very well.  The one on the left,  named Bebe, was grown from a small baby plant.  The one on the right,  named Oscar,  joined us recently and was smaller but not a baby plant.  I love them both and enjoy showing them off as well as using them in my many culinary experiments.  My basil plants are part of the family!!’

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