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I got into gardening 6 years ago when a stroke left my left arm and leg paralyzed, meaning I could no longer follow my profession as a structural engineer.

I began gardening as physical therapy as soon as I could walk with a cane, and over the next 5 years I filled my little (70’x70′) back yard with an array of bushes and perennials. Looking around for something else to plant, I purchased a small (6’x8′) greenhouse kit and began raising tomato sets and other bedding plants. When these were all gone I looked around for something else and discovered herbs.

Basil quickly became the herb of choice since it was easily grown and tasty on the dinner table as well. This year I plan on increasing the number of varieties from 2 to 12. Room is a problem, but like Scarlet, I will worry about that tomorrow. Should anybody be interested, they can reach me at http://www.earlsherbs.com

Earl D Bishop
Independence, MO

Thai Siam Basil

We are a small specialty grower of herbs, specializing in basil. For now this is my wish list, but come spring 2011 it will be a reality.

We also produce a limited quantity of oregano, thyme and sage. In season we will have tomato, cucumber, cantaloupe and bell pepper sets as well as marigolds. Later in the fall we will have available a lmited selection of Mum plants.

It is my hope that in fall of 2011 we will introduce our own line of herb vinegars. Initially they may be limited to a red wine vinegar base, but will be expanded to include white wine vinegars as well.

I have listed some recipes on my site that I’d love to share with my new Basil friends. http://www.earlsworld.com/basilrec.html

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Sandy TschudyNo Gravatar June 6, 2015 at 6:21 am

I would like to grow/maintain a basil plant indoors…very little morning sun (only ’till about 11am)…any suggestions on type of basil plant, watering system (sitting a grocery store plant in water doesn’t work)…what do you recommend for even short term success. I would love to be able to grow this indoors year-round.


RamonaNo Gravatar June 6, 2015 at 9:30 am

I’m so glad you are interested in growing Basil!

The plants you purchase in the grocery store that have roots, you can grow. I suggest instead of putting in water, to go ahead and plant in a good soil and a pretty planter. Keeping in the window will be perfect. If you have a way to set a little lamp with a grow light in it, that would be great too. Keeping the Basil fed with nutrients, like a Hasta Gro with a couple of feedings a month will help too. Don’t over water, Basil don’t like their feet wet, but then they don’t like to dry out either.

Or you can start your Basil from seed. I have several different varieties available.

Love Your Basil,


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