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Meet our newest Basil Friend, Dakota Bovee:


Hello I am Dakota Bovee. I am The “Crazy Plant Man” the mad cat woman’s brother and son.

I love to garden. I am an only child. I have a hodge podge assortment of plants ranging from my sad but humble basil, to my banana trees.

I love to use my herbs in my cooking mainly my basil for my homemade soups. Gardening has not been just a hobby for me but a way of life.

I was raised on the family farm and was taught early how to garden. Every year my grandpa expanded his garden till it was over an acre in size. It was a lot of work but every year we produced over ten bushel tomatoes and 5 bushel of pickles. Great food, great times, Family all things I miss.

My plants are what keep me sane in this world.

I am currently a Junior in high school, living with my two hermit parents. I ultimately plan to be a nursery owner, botanist, and teacher, at high school level or even collage level. I am currently looking for colleges/scholarships. Not too many good schools with horticulture and botany out there as their majors. Well at least ones with reasonable prices.

I’m simple and there is not much to me other than a love and passion to grow. Water, air, and sun, three things we ALL must have to live. As my Grandma said, “Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn.” The four L’s as we all know them. I will leave you all on this note:

Wisdom is not measured by how long you have lived but by how much you have ‘Lived’


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