My New Basil Friend Nagy Zoltan from Hungary

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I translated his story from Hungarian to English the best that I could. I’m so impressed with Nagy’s knowledge and how he loves to exchange seeds. His list of seeds is very extensive too.

In 2003, we moved to our Isaszeg ( a town in Hungary) garden house, where we became interested in herbs. I obtained the first roots and seeds of the herbs commonly known as basil, then searched the internet and started reading books, browsing to learn all about herbs and basil. I learned more about the different kinds, varieties, and subspecies.

As I learned more about basils and began to collect plants for the gardens, I discovered some online discussion and found some forums and from there I also learned more about basils. The first special basil seeds I found after all this studying and research I received from a friend on the basil forum board. We wish to thank them. The next year I ordered more seeds from on the web and was able to help others interested in basil on occasion to increase their collection. My basil garden was growing larger.

As time went by, my interest in basil gardening grew. I didn’t have a big space and also grew some fruit trees. I used every corner of my garden in some way to grow plants.

As my garden and basil collection grows, I have expanded my garden some as well as my knowledge of basil. I love to share my knowledge of basil with others. Using the internet, I have been able to expand my collection as well as share seeds and knowledge with others around the world. I am compiling a list and will release the list to my new ‘basil friends.’ In turn, It is my hope we will all be able to expand our collections by sharing with each other.

Finally, here is another site would I would like to recommend for those who have not yet found it. It is a model of the type of gardening site I am interested in:

Thank you for your attention, here is my website….you may have to translate from Hungarian into English. Fűszernövények means ‘herbs’ in English.

Nagy Zoltán

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