Paolo Signorelli from Southern Italy

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My new Basil friend Paolo is from Naples which is located in Southern Italy. Naples is an

Paolo Signorelli from Southern Italy

historical city we all know about from our history classes and it was founded by the Greek peoples in ancient times. Naples is located close to the sea and it is there that they grow the Napolitano Basil. Napolitano Basil has three different shapes: smooth leaves, curly leaves, and crinkly lettuce like leaves.

Napolitano Basil has a smell of anise or licorice that is very strong and sweet. It is not a very tall plant, but is instead, large and vigorous. Paolo grows his basil in containers on his terrace with half sun. He grows his basil in large polystyrene containers which are light and easy to find.

One of his favorite basil plants is the Lime Basil which he favors for its strong scent. “It’s the tiniest basil I know and is delicate and quite thin. I use if often in beverages and when cooking and preparing fish.

Paolo is experimenting with a Coffee Basil which he describes as a strange hybrid between Naplolitano and Violet Basil colored with brown nuances.

Thank you Paolo for introducing us to your favorite basil plants.

Genovese Basil

Lemon Basil

Basil Napolitano Lettuce Leaf

Coffee Basil

Basil Napolitano Lettuce Leaf

Basil Napolitano Lettuce Leaf

Mix of Violet and Green Basil in polyestere container on my terrace

Unique Basil, a pointed hybrids between Napolitano and Violet/Green Basil

Lime Basil

Mix seedlings of Lime and Purple Basil

My black cat with young Basil plants (Napolitano Basil)

Violet Basil bred with Napolitano (lettuce violet leaves)

Violet Lettuce Leaf Basil (hybrid by me)

XLemon (a hybrid between Lime Basil And Napolitano)

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